“Autumn spreads a thousand seeds,
but most return to the elements
without bearing fruit.
But if only one springs up,
it spreads a living world
of constant development.”


The charitable Knyphausen Foundation for Sustainability, Conservation and Education (Knyphausen Stiftung für Nachhaltigkeit, Naturschutz und Bildung) was established in November 2015 by Theda Gräfin Knyphausen. It is based in Lütetsburg, East Frisia.

The foundation develops its own projects and focuses on work in Botswana. The aim of the foundation is to encourage children and young adults to take responsibility for themselves and their environment, primarily through education projects.

Theda Gräfin Knyphausen lives and works in Maun/Botswana and East Frisia/Germany.

Theda Knyphausen and Motswana children


Young adults from Botswana can apply to the Knyphausen Foundation for a scholarship which lets them go on a one-year training course to become a professional safari guide.

Waste Management

Together with local authorities, the foundation’s founder Theda Gräfin Knyphausen has established partnerships with a number of schools in the region. These schools provide regular training sessions about waste management and waste prevention.

Kids to the Bush

The foundation’s founder Theda Gräfin Knyphausen takes children and young adults from Botswana into the bush. This is frequently their first contact with the natural beauty of their home country, which tempts thousands of tourists to Botswana each year.

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