Kids to the Bush

It was while she was accompanying some German visitors on a family safari as a translator in 2014 that the foundation’s founder, Theda Gräfin Knyphausen, realised that the majority of children and young adults in Botswana never have an opportunity to join a safari with their family.

Most Batswana don’t have the financial resources or transportation needed to experience the unique beauty of their country. There are also a large number of orphans in the country, and the rest of the family tends to focus on ensuring that everybody is looked after and has somewhere to sleep.

That’s why Theda Gräfin Knyphausen contacted Cameras for Conservation, who are committed to using photographs to bring local children in contact with the native flora and fauna.

They developed a plan for a three-day safari in the Moremi Game Reserve, with nine children coming along on each day.

The local guide Kabelo plays a vital role in providing the children with basic information about the animals and plant life, as well as conservation.

  • He speaks the mother tongue of the children, which means he can reach their hearts as well as their minds. As Nelson Mandela once said: If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
  • He has an infectious enthusiasm about his job as a safari guide, and is an ideal role model for many.


Kabelo is 32 years old and was born near the capital Gabarone. He is a passionate safari guide and photographer. He heads up the “Kids to the Bush” safaris, where he introduces children to the fascinating fauna and flora of their homeland and teaches them some principles of conservation.

Theda Gräfin Knyphausen and Joyce Malema go on the tours as well and know the children from their time working with the schools. They make sure that everything goes smoothly and everyone is looked after. They also build on the information provided during the Waste Management Project during the safari.

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